project sponsor:
location: Street Art Today Museum, NDSM Island, Amsterdam Netherlands
date: October 2016
medium: Spray Enamel on Vinyl Banner
dimensions: 2x3 meters (x2)

Originally painted by Jorge González Camarena, recreated in collaboration with Shaun Burner
project sponsor: private funder
location: Sacramento, California
date: September, 2016
medium: Acrylic and Spray Enamel on Cement.
dimensions: 60 x 12 feet

project sponsor: MuralsDC & Words Beats & Life
location: Washington DC
date: October, 10th 2015
medium: Acrylic and Spray Enamel on Cement.
dimensions: 1,750 square feet

project sponsor: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) & the Estria Foundation
location: Exterior mural on YBCA Theater, San Francisco, California
date: October 2014 - May 2016
medium: Acrylic and Spray Enamel on Vinyl Banner
dimensions: 28 x 26 feet

At the center point of San Francisco's "evolution" sits the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, a site dedicated to promoting and provoking cultural and creative expression.

Oakland/Berkeley based muralist Miguel "Bounce" Perez explores the intersection between where life meets commerce. This is the intersection of modern advancement with cycles of displacement. Amidst the influx of wealth, the city is losing it's social capital. YBCA sits on the cross-section of SOMA, the Tenderloin and the Financial District. This locality has transformed from industrial, to commercial, to Mega-city. Lost in the midst of progress are the hardworking San Franciscans, who have enriched the city with their passions and cultural diversity. They are the inspiration for the mural. Those who have built the vibrancy of the city, attracting millions every year, now cling to their ability to interact with the city they actualized.

The Trust Your Struggle mural is a celebration of San Francisco's quintessential characteristics. It is a work to inspire hope and perseverance through the struggles of transformation. It celebrates belief in our communities' collective dreams and in individual fortitude.

project sponsor: Sunnydale Seedfolks & Housing Authority of the City and County of San Francisco (SFHA)
location: Mayor Willie L Brown Youth Center, Sunnydale, California
date: September 2015
medium: Acrylic and Spray Enamel on Cement.
dimensions: 1,800 square feet

project sponsor: MACLA
location: MACLA, San Jose, California
date: December 5, 2014 - March 14, 2015
medium: Spray Enamel & Mixed Media on Non-woven Media
dimensions: 8 X 8 feet

Silicon Valley is the nickname given to America's high-technology economic sector. Located in the southern San Francisco Bay Area, early settlers were drawn here due to the abundance of natural resources and agriculture friendly climate. Today the land reflects very little of the pre-colonial culture and landscape. Methods of living off the land are becoming extinct and replaced with technological industries and big commerce. Although this allows for us to share information faster and buy anything whenever we would like, we have lost our very humane connection to the land, in search of progress and development. Is it all worth loosing our ability to sustain ourselves on the land? If we cannot sustain ourselves on the land, is it only a matter of time before we cannot sustain ourselves on the globe?

My mural practice is a tool I use to explore history, geography and people. I use murals to speak about things I see as hidden, forgotten, underrepresented or down right complicated. I marvel at the ability to see instantly what is happening in places like Ferguson, Mexico, or how a revolution can be planned via Facebook. Is this addiction to instant access making us numb to long term thinking? What will we do 50 years down the line when our land is filled with all the waste of the highly technical industries, our resources are depleted and pollutants poison our systems on the planet and in our bodies? Can we change the course of destruction we are on?

Either way, we are all wading through these same waters together.


project sponsor: Trust Your Struggle Collective & Slim's
location: Slim's Concert Venue, San Francisco, California
date: Febuary 2015
medium: Acrylic and Spray Enamel on Cement.
dimensions: 1,600 square feet

Trust Your Struggle & Juana Alicia
project sponsor: The City of Oakland
location: West Oakland Youth Center, Oakland, California
date: July 2013 - February 2014
medium: Ceramic tile
dimensions: 313 Square feet

The title for the tile mural is West Oakland Roots: Loyal to My Soil, composed of a total of nine panels. The main and central panel is located at the entrance of the building facing Market Street. It is a an evolving mask to tell the cultural history, specifically of the African-American and Latino diasporas, of the West Oakland community. The mask closes in the center with a portrait of a young woman who is a member of the Attitudinal Healing Center and also Amana Harris' daughter. Amana Harris is AHC's Associate Director. In the panel located in 33rd Street, Daniel, a youth leader of AHC is depicted hitting a drum. Mindful drumming is a practice conducted inside AHC to explore the healing art of rhythms and sounds as it connects to community building. Two large hands lay below him in the posture of a "dap", the knocking of two fists together to symbolize, agreement, unity and respect. The final design was painted by Juana Aliicia Ariaza and the Trust Your Struggle artist collective, digitized and sent off to Digital Ceramics in the United Kingdom to be manufactured in ceramic tiles. Final installation of the tiles was completed by Yes Construction, a City of Oakland vendor, on February 2014.

Collaboration with Corey Bulpitt, Take 5, and Kalakari Collective
project sponsor: The City of North Vancouver & Creativa International
location: Lookout Northshore Shelter, North Vancouver, BC, Canada
date: September 2013
medium: Acrylic and Spray Enamel on Cement
dimensions: 2,400 Square feet

project sponsor: The Cornerhouse
location: The Cornerhouse Theatre, Manchester, UK
date: Saturday 13th April – Sunday 18th August 2013
medium: Acrylic and Spray Enamel on Cement.
dimensions: 650cm wide x 400cm

El Despertar
project sponsor: Centro Cultural casa Vallarta & 360 Spray Paint
location: Centro Cultural casa Vallarta , Guadalajara, Mexico
date: April 2012
medium: Acrylic and Spray Enamel
dimensions: 630 square feet